A hesitant Florence Nightingale

The byproducts of America’s health system seem to have floated over here. Well, I’ll put that differently, they really flew.

My friend injured herself here and has discovered some rather serious back problems in the wake of x-rays and MRIs. Luckily, if we can say that, she found this out over here and while she was covered by insurance through the school she teaches for. And here, in the land of civilization when it comes to health care, they do things in a very direct way when it comes to treatment.

That is where I come in.

She now has to administer 3 doses of cortozone to her butt area once a day until her next test occurs, but she has another week of this. Now I don’t know if you have ever had to give yourself a shot in the arse, but it seems problematic just thinking about it and the reality of the situation is trickier. So, that is how I found myself in the Vivoli bathroom with a syringe in my hand and my friend leaning over the toilet.

Have I mentioned I hate needles? Do I need to?

All was as well as it could be until I saw the blood on the needle. Fortunately I had a cappuccino to fortify myself beforehand, otherwise I’m sure the Florence headlines would have been something like “Kinky Drug Addicts Found Unconscious in World Famous Gelateria”. Sure, we have class. Since that episode, we have both agreed to meet somewhere with a bed so I can properly faint when the time comes. And she seems to feel nothing. Doesn’t faze her in the lest.

As a sort of side note, I was able to watch the last 30 minutes of Sicko by Micheal Moore and will be watching the rest of it soon. Please do the same. Please write to your senators to change the shameful system Americans are living under. Ask yourself why we can’t all be wealthy, healthy and wise. Know that if my friend had this accident in the States it would have forced her to sell everything she owns and that would still probably not have paid for all of the expenses. She works hard teaching and creating art. She is a good person. She, like millions like her, doesn’t deserve to live in fear and pain.

More about the parental units visit later. I’m just now catching up.

4 responses to “A hesitant Florence Nightingale

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  2. Ah the memories of you fainting at my bedside while I was having a procedure. If I had known then what I know now . . . we’ll I still would have wanted you there, but we’d have given you a chair to sit in. How did you get through Zoe’s birth anyway?

  3. Birth seems different and more natural. Besides, we are talking about Zoe, no fainting moment was close. Lori seemed a bit put out, but I was fine. And with you I don’t think I fainted so much as turned green and was escorted to an empty bed. Clearly I’m improving.

  4. Yes, but you would never had been discovered in the Vivoli bathroom anyway. As I recall, the staff is a little consumed by their own lives to notice. Remember the night we really wanted riso gelato and a caffe’? Miss you!

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