The source

While taking a bath, I’m one of those people that try to get as close as possible to the hot running water. My blood pumps slowly through me, so in my mind, this will warm me up faster.

I also like standing near fireplaces. I wrap my body tightly up into quilts and comforters and sheets. The way I handle pillows is borderline obscene. Light must spill over the pages of books while reading.

Speaking of books, one reason why I wanted to be a librarian was so that I could be in the presence of knowledge, even while working. And I have already mentioned my need for touching green.

In short, I’m a source junkie. Warmth, energy, knowledge, nature. All of these things — the closer the better.

And my parents arrive tomorrow. Imagine the thrill of having all of those attributes, plus love, in such close proximity.

The source junkie is beyond happy.

8 responses to “The source

  1. Have a wonderful visit with Ray and Sandra. i can feel the love all the way over here.

  2. interesting, i just thought you were a lotion junkie

  3. I am bringing Cetaphil lotion, new sandles, old Burmuda shorts, new linen suit, lots of hugs, Daddy’s smile, Daddy’s money, and all I need is an iron skillet to fry you some of “Sandy’s fried chicken”. Wish I had room to bring your favorite cotton quilt!!

  4. I put the last post in the incorrect verb tense! It should have said “brought” instead of “bringing”. I am here in Florence. Julia is beautiful, slim, tan and happy. We had a great dinner, two bottles of wine, Cheese with honey, lively conversations, caught up on politics of Walton county, including fact that county is upset with several seniors that left chickens in the auditorium of high school. much to do over a little chicken *%”!. Santo cielo!! I think that means “Good heavens”

  5. It sounds WONDERFUL!!! Take pictures so that I can enjoy some of that “Padgett” love.

    Dending you all some “Carraway” love!

    PS Bring back lots of smiles.



  6. I am sure you all are having a lovely time!

  7. Hi there your dinner sounded yummy. I know that Sandra and Ray are glad they are there, sharing your joy and the sights and sounds, and tastes and smells. Good deal! It was 107 F today according to the car theometer, and it was 99 F according to my computer as I have it set on the temp for Ponce de Leon. Anyway you slice it, it was hot, hot, hot. And it isn’t even summer yet.



  8. I am so jealous!!! I talked to Ms. Sandra a couple of days before she and Ray left for Italy. I ran across your blog Julia and have been enjoying hearing all about your adventures in Italy. I guess you have had a few more since your parents arrived. I know they are headed home soon. Enjoy them while you can. I do love you all so. I remember a very fun and a little crazy visit to your place on the bay not too terribly long ago. OK, maybe longer than I care to admit. I do think of all of you so fondly. Please keep in touch!

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