some green of one’s own

My bare feet touched grass.

Last Friday after teaching, Lexie and I went to the rose garden near San Niccolo. It is only open for 3 weeks in May, so we both finally made it. And in spite of the fact I was drained after the classes, I really needed it. The roses were nice, but sitting in the shade on a super hot day looking at Florence below us and surrounded by nature made the experience. It saved me.

All the worry of the last few weeks seemed to have been left behind the moment I heard birds singing. No, not the cooing of pigeons. Actual birds, singing. Ants tickled my toes. And it being Italy, she and I brought a bottle of wine into the garden and talked, caught up, and were two southern girls enjoying a rare glimpse of the green in the city of stone. (odd that I have to catch up with my room mate, but that is because we both are working constantly)

Hope you all had a safe Memorial Day weekend. Let me know how life is going.

7 responses to “some green of one’s own


    Wine, yum. A few glasses in the garden and you can hum along with the birds- play name that tune!

    I am in Miami right now and tomorrow will head back to those green rolling hills of Holmes County. I am looking forward to my return. Not necessarily the drive. Will be stopping at the library to pick up a book on tape. I finished listening to The Da Vinci Code on the way down. Interesting story. I just cannot imagine that people are taking “Da Vinci Code” Tours. I think , don;t these people have anything better to do???

    Well, I am on my way to a bar-b-q, with hamburgers and beer. Did you know that Americans eat more hamburgers than hotdogs and pizza combined? That the hamburger originated in the City of Hamburg, that German immigrants made the first all meat paddy- only they ate it raw, as in steak tartar….the Americans thought yuck, raw meat, nothing nastier than eating Elsie the cow raw. So, someone decided to put a fire under it and voila, the cooked hamburger. And Americans have been jazzing it up ever since. I heard this on NPR and I know that they wouldn’t lie. Would they???


  2. NPR don’t lie, but maybe someone on their show is . . . . enjoy that burger. My life here is void of the juicy burgers.

  3. Lettle one,

    Souls long for what was left behind
    memories take the edge off
    Grass makes your heart secretly smile
    birdsong whets the spirit
    So break out the bottle, walk in the park
    and remember me my loverly
    I’ll always live in your head

    It’s good to hear about happy times.

  4. Good to hear that wine + garden + friends = good times even in a whole nother country. Wish i was there–or you were here. I miss you!

  5. no shit, I miss you too and you too Shelby, but we are getting a screened porch and there will be drinking on it soon, right?

  6. I miss you both….Julia…you, Shelby and have lots of wine to drink upon your return…while Michelle enjoys her Beer…

  7. Julia,
    I need your email address so I can send you some photos.


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