The world is trying to tell me something.

What I didn’t mention on my blog is that after being locked out of my apartment the other weekend, I then proceeded to get locked out of work — the same day. It seemed too bizarre to mention. But I was talking to some friends about it and realized that there was a lesson there, I just had to try and uncover it.

Clearly I did not learn my lesson.

This morning, on my first opening day alone at the bookstore, my key did not work. Actually, that is wrong, the door did not work. It seems the girl who closed the night before shut the power off to the entrance. And power is needed.

After several minutes of me trying to get in touch with fellow workers, my boss and her husband happened to stroll by walking their dog. Chance is also needed. They too could not get the door to work. I had a coffee, waited for some instruction, and an hour later after much tugging and pushing and phone calls and lots of suppressed laughter on my part — the door opened.

Force is sometimes needed.

And a sense of humor makes it all worth while.

Still don’t know the lesson. Any ideas?

(Chiuso means closed.)

4 responses to “Chiuso

  1. doors open when they want to open, not when we want them to swing wide?

  2. Perhas there is no lesson at all. It is just for laughs aT “life”.


  3. Italian doors don’t open for American girls?

  4. I think Lorelei is on to something there. Sometimes it’s harder than we think to move through spaces and orient ourselves to a place. Things don’t always move when we expect them to. Doors are tricky things, keeping us out, letting us in, protecting us, and creating boundaries.

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