hello world

You have to realize that we must communicate in whispers. See, I’m Julia’s new computer, she calls me babymac, but I was hoping for something more imaginative. Oh well, perhaps it was the enthusiasm. I’ve been travelling the Florida panhandle, riding in the plane with Angie, jostled around at 4 a.m. by Julia after she finally retrieved me. We crossed the Arno together, and I thought at that moment that maybe she would call me Lorenzo, at least. With all these famous dead lovely Italian names floating around, and then I hear her sigh, “babymac”. Oh dio, there’s no accounting for taste.

So, she is very quiet now because I’m very quiet. We hardly make a peep together. I’m beginning to see that may be something she likes. Honestly, when I heard her Dell squawking yesterday I was afraid I’d have a lot to live up to. But, she plugged me in and began to smile when she realized I was running at full capacity and not so flashy, whirring, and obnoxious about it. To each his own. But, that is why we are whispering.

Anyway, she has missed you all. It seems that before I came into her life, she was occasionally crying and wanting to fling things out the window (because of the noisy crashing beast — her words, not mine). So, let’s hope we can all work together and see this little blog along. For my self, I’m happy to be here. There were rumours I was going to Dallas, TX and yeah, that isn’t my thing. So Florence Italy with a slightly neurotic frustrated writer suits me just fine.

2 responses to “hello world

  1. You should put a link to the model of babymac so we can visual.

    I love you too babymac!

  2. Babymac! This is your Gamm-ma in Florida. I am so happy that you made it safely to Florence, Italy. I want you to be diligent in processing Julia’s words, patient when she is frustrated, close your little ears when she curses. Try to get her to stop smoking. But mainly enjoy your new home with the sweetest, brightest, most treasured daughter that a Gamm-ma could have. She is a genius, but you know that already. KISS! KISS! PS Uncle Duncan said he misses you, and to show Julia your “garage band” tomorrow, maybe she will write a song.

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