I feel like part of me is dying. The writing part of me is fading away. I would like to blame it on technology and this blippy, ever crashing beast of a computer (and there is some truth to that) but it is also life.

I tire of teaching, I am sick of rushing from bus stop to bus stop, sick of my own ignorance in this language, etc. To put it bluntly, I just want to sleep, not work, and get back to my inner being self. That is going to require some space and time. So, I have decided not to post anything for the next 5 days. In that time I will have my computer (I hope) and can return to normal. Because when I sit down to put something on my little blog, I have to constantly worry when it will be lost due to another crash moment.

Please check back in within a week.

Wish me luck, I get to teach 11-year-olds tomorrow. Yee doggies. And they don’t speak English and I don’t speak Italian. Sniff around and you’ll smell catastrophe in the air.

4 responses to “Pausing

  1. My lettle one,

    Is this what they call tough self-love? Your students are the better for it and so are you. Just remember you can do anything cause yo Mama is a Democrat.

  2. No part of you is dying you are just busy is all. And technology has never been your friend. You know you could just write in your journal and skip the frustration of the beast until your spanking new one arrives.

    I wish you were back that the FSU library. There was happiness there.

  3. Smiles and hugs are universal and need no language. You have the most wonderful smile and the warmest hugs of anyone that I have encountered. So there will be no catastrophe. Eleven year olds are great; and they will love you! Your computer began the journey to you this afternoon, Duncan is driving south as this is posted. So sleep! Rest! Dream! We will look forward to refreshing words next week.

  4. Good evening (11:30 p.m C.T.) and a good early mornng to you.

    What will snap you out of this blue funk is a great cup of cappochino and a biscotti. It might take two or three cups, by which time your 11 year olds could be babbling in German- and you wouldn’t mind a bit. As a matter of fact, before you know it, you to could be ordering Becks or Lowenbrau like a local!

    I think what you also could use is an unlimited bank account. The sleep can come later. With sufficient cash, stress goes away, teaching becomes a hobby, and the 11 year olds a moving target. Ha!

    It is 84 F here today and I was sweating like a pig. Am pushing paper all day. We got our State DBPR aproval for our plans for Bogart’s Cafe…next comes the health inspection. Can a local latte be far behind???? Hang on to your coffee cup…. :- )


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