Blips and b-days

Clearly a stream of consciousness type post is in order. I can’t put together a coherent thought. So, in no particular order, here are a few bits and bobs I’ve been meaning to mention:

Fig and ricotta gelato — yummmm. Eating it over the Arno on the Ponte alla Carraia in the sun watching traffic blow by.

Train rides to Figline where you see Spring happening on the hills. Green, always good. Better as it rolls past a window stilling all the inner rush to a quiet blur.

Impromptu specks shopping. Yes, it was time. These frames are falling off and the lenses are chipped. I’m not exactly impressing anyone with them.

Sunshine in my open bedroom window listening to scooters and Lexie’s cleaning house music — sounds a bit Spanish. Upbeat.

Teaching overload.

Mojito sipped on the steps of Santo Spirito. Guitar plays. Chatting. Bums still looking at me, wondering what I’m doing here. Everyone does.

To much time in the train station traveling and teaching there now. Recognize the regulars, wondering if maybe they think I’m one. Wait, am I suspected of being a treno pervatita?

Still have an interview today that will surely go horribly wrong. Reading phrase books really doesn’t help get a job.

American / Canadian burger eating night where the phrases “back sweat of a hairy Bulgarian” and “interpretive humor” where born. I love the Greek Canadian element of this city.

Secret sins of french fries (yep— McDonald’s at the train station). Forgive me, I’m weak and they’re tasty.

L’autobus, l’autobus, l’autobus — every day, l’autobus. sigh. humanity in the rising heat.

Oh, and soon I’ll be at Angie’s with Angie. Ah, good times ahead.

Happy Birthday Shane and Michelle! Here’s to hoping that the couple who celebrates together, stays together. Love and miss you both. Wine will be sipped for Shane tonight and a birra for my lady on Sunday. Baci!

6 responses to “Blips and b-days

  1. Angie’s back? Or just visiting? Have fun and good luck w/the interview . . .

  2. Thanks for the well wishes! We are enjoying tennis in Charleston, SC for the weekend, and the weather is gorgeous. Love you!

  3. I second that!

    Love you,


  4. McDonalds French fries are no sin. They are the stuff of life.

    PS: Beyond Michelle, my birthday is coming up too. A fact for your pea-abilities.

  5. Interview went very well. Angie is coming back at the beginning of May (and bringing my computer!) Really wish I could have celebrated with Miche and Shane. And Stafford, of course, happy birthday! But which day? I keep thinking the 20th, but not sure. Details needed for my pea-ability.

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