When dreams become realities

The closest thing I wanted to a bridal veil as a child was a mosquito net. I’d picture the gauzy breezes of a four poster bed. Windows wide open with me sitting in the center of things, book in hand and surrounded by a gentle cloud of white. Or better yet, a circular arrangement on the floor, soft and cushioned, bright exotic pillows (but still with book in hand).

So when I moved into this flat in December I was happy to see a net had been used in the past. In its winter state it was drawn up and a tad grey from the dust of disuse. Recently I rearranged my bedroom, so the bed is in the center and away from the cold walls. Now, after several sleepless nights with the shrill buzzing of unfriendlies wanting my blood, I have decided it is time for that childhood fantasy to become a reality.

Washing it in the tub, I was able to revisit a few stranded night invaders from years past. The dust was more of a grime and it still isn’t exactly a brilliant white, but better, sure. And trying to reconstruct it to its frame is going to be tricky. My friend Ginger, long gone now, would say about the impossible that it was like “nailing jello to a tree”. Yep. I’m no Arachne and handling the thin material is not likely to yield a lovely web. Maybe.

The whole experience has made me wonder about our wishes. How knowledge at times interferes with an imaginative mind. We’ll see, once it’s constructed and hung, maybe it will be everything I dreamed about.

3 responses to “When dreams become realities

  1. . . . and a place for your dreams. It reminds me that when i was in the 1st grade and very small for my age, my friend Jenny Steele said that she wanted to shrink me down and put me in a bottle like I Dream of Jeanie. I too wanted the pillows of exotic colors. But I think part of me wanted to be kept, confined and safe.

  2. If I could bring you a few of the chattering marlins that live near my deck you would not need mosquito net. Their condo is full already and I am certain the eggs have been laid because a “guard mommy” stays at the condo while the others catch bugs. Your bedroom sounds exotic now. Bet you will have techno color dreams!

  3. It’s interesting how we recall small wishes from our past. And how different the reality feels from the moment we first dreamed of whatever.

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