Some frequency

So, my dear friend helped fix my laptop to the point that it at least will work for some stretch of time. How long that time is, I’ve yet to determine, but at least I have some connection again.

Last week was one of the longest weeks of my life. In part due to the fact that I had no chance to email or write, but also just personally a drag. Exhaustion is the only way to put it. Several stones seemed to be placed on all aspects of my life here, but I’ve emerged better for it this week. More focus on the important things is required. Unfortunately I had tons of stuff to tell you all, but now it seems irrelevant.

Anyway, I survived the temperature with a sweater and undershirt and last week that would not have been possible. Hoping that means Spring is really almost here. The thought of the wool coats one more day is making me cranky.

So, I’m sort of back. Sorry to been out of it for so long. Hoping for some surge of creativity or insight to share; but for now, just know I’m more or less here (until the next big crash). Can’t wait until May when I get a new laptop!!

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