Projects for the masses

Before I begin delegating your tasks, I will take a moment to say read The History of Love by Nicole Krauss. Think of it as a reward for the endeavors I’m setting before you.

Now, on to business. I’ve already asked my father to write me a poem every week. I know, it seems drastic, but he is retired and really, what else is he doing other than wasting his life playing card games and irritating my mother? And my mother, well, she gets to write me a letter or email every week telling me something about her self or life that she has never told me before. Both tasks should be interesting and no, I’m not sharing so don’t ask. Well, not sharing yet, maybe one day. I know how everyone loves the Padgetts, but this for now is a family deal.

Duncan, well the only thing I’ve ever asked in the past is that he find happiness. So he still must do that, but I think I’ll also ask him to complete the family photo albums that have been pretty much abandoned since about 1976 (if my memory serves me well). Also to cut way back or entirely quit smoking. I think its time. Also, well, naturally take care of the Bobs (but I don’t have to say that, do I?). And keep reading philosophy, someone in this family needs to develop their brain to its full potential. And write me what you discover; maybe I’ll learn something.

Adrianne, I want you to thank yourself everyday for changing from the person you were 10 years ago. And I also want you to write me.

The rest of you, oh, and I know who you are, you have to give me recommendations for reading, stimulating scenes of life there, you have to take care of each other, drink a glass of wine once a week (unless you are an alcoholic or have some other thing that prevents you from doing that i.e. medicine, pregnancy, etc.) then you have to taste something as chameleon-like as wine. Your guess is as good as mine, maybe chocolate? Let me know if you find it. Oh, wait, still not down with my missives . . . watch movies, especially non-blockbuster types, eat popcorn, contemplate why we love spring so much as it swells around you, and if you haven’t kissed anyone with passion in the past 2 months, then by all means, go out and do it.

As for me, well, I’ll collect your assignment upon completion (isn’t that enough?). Thanks and good luck!

4 responses to “Projects for the masses

  1. Um, someone has spring fever. I’ll second the kissing idea. Passionate kisses are among the best things in the world.

    I love it when you sound this happy!

  2. You do seem happy! Spring is wonderful here in Florida! The trees have those wonderful tiny light green leaves. Dad cut all of the mangy looking trees around the pond so we can see the water clearly now, and the cypress trees will have more room to grow. I kissed your Dad passionately earlier, enjoyed a glass of wine, and we are sending the first of our creative endeavors tomorrow. Frogs are singing the spring symphony as the sun is setting with orange and purple.

  3. ok, I need a project…

  4. Note to Julia’s readers/friends/family. Her laptop crashed so she’d a bit disconnected at the moment. She’ll be back soon.

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