Stone and water

It’s raining here now. For those of you who haven’t visited, rain here in Florence doesn’t have too many options for escape. Naturally it wants to get to the river. I like to think that eventually it does. There is so little green space though and no earth to receive, the water just runs along the streets. It gathers in the drainage system, often clogged by discarded cigs outside of bars. Grey water puddles reflect the surroundings, sometimes appropriately. And no, these are not the kind of puddles you would want to splash in as a child (or as a rain-loving adult.) Everything gives the guise of sadness.

But that is just the surface. Like all good rain, it is still about cleansing and nourishing. I think this one is washing away this strange winter. All of the grime, doubt, stress slowly making its way to the river. The Arno, where so many wishes, love tokens, and secrets get thrown. And all of the negative too, why not? And the rain keeps coming, watering us for more.
Teaching is going well and getting fun. Life is still shifting and changing and doing what it is supposed to be doing. Hope the same it true for you all. Lots of dreams lately. Everyone is visiting (at least sub-consciously). Tutto bene.

3 responses to “Stone and water

  1. any good dreams?

  2. Good,but I know You could do WAY Better.
    Select,erase,distillate…you have a long way ahead
    I wish I was Lou Andreas-Salome and you were Rene’ but,
    before,long before Rene’ turned into Rainer.
    Honestly I wish I had the MONEY of a Andreas-Salome to send you to Florence To intoxicate yourself and urge you to escape To Pisa but,My beloved Julia,Discipline cannot be taught.
    Sleep well,

  3. Luigi – No, discipline can not be taught, but I’ll take Rilke’s words (after he became Rainer) and “go into myself”. As for money, and Pisa, and all the rest, it is still up to me to write. A warm bed and encouragement is more than enough.

    and Lori, the dreams, they do keep coming.

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