Verba volant, scripta manent

“The spoken word flies, the written word lasts.” Sorry, not Italian but Latin and that may be wrong, please correct me. Not that there is anything wrong with spoken, nice to hear a voice and be in the moment so to speak, but there is nothing like pouring over and over the written word. So, for those of you that can, I’ll say you should go and find my former poetry classmate’s recently published book of poems, God Bless the Magicians. His name is David Higginbotham and naturally if you click the title, I put in a link to the Amazon connection. I don’t think he reads this blog, so it will be our little secret. And in full disclosure, I’ve not read that book myself yet, but he sent some other stuff to me he has been working on and it re-awakened that thing inside me that says, “wow” words are powerful things.

Still teaching, hoping for some more classes. I’m incredibly lucky when it comes to meeting great people. I may be poor, but I’m rich, you know? Just had dinner with my newest friend, Samantha, and then we walked around listening to the various street performers. Drums here, singing there. Seeing the Arno reflecting the night light and crossing the Ponte Vecchio talking about old loves — well, that is one basis for friendship. The rehashing of the past and the contemplating the present.

The day was too gorgeous to be indoors last Thursday, so we skipped Cezanne. Maybe tomorrow. Boh. (Have I explained “boh”? If not, it is the Italian version of “eh, who knows”.) I’ll try not to go a whole week again, but a girl can get busy.

4 responses to “Verba volant, scripta manent

  1. I have my very own copy of D.H.’s book, but I have not had a chance to read it. Love you!!!!

  2. my problem is getting stuck in the re-reading . . .

  3. Do you understand the meaning of DAILY? No respectable blogger would post such infrequent accounts of their life. DAILY, DAILY, DAILY or you will lose all three of your readers. BTW, I don’t do poetry anymore – like the sense of smell, it is gone forever.

  4. Jules…I have to agree with your dad! I miss your daily words about life across the pond. But I really like that he called you respectable…heehee!!! 😉 😉

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