Amalfi pics for your pleasure

Thanks to Mendy. Sorry my pictures still seem to be hiding.

The first 3 are in the town of Amalfi.

These are in Sorrento. Naturally they were excited to see us, but we thought the party was a bit too much for two girls from Georgia. (Please note the clouds in the distance behind the church. Yes, they eventually caught up with us.)


And here are some shots of Salerno harbor, just for good measure.


Good times with a great friend. Oh, and in case everyone does not know this, I did get a job finally teaching English. Wish me luck. I start this week and would love all the calm soothing vibes you can spare. Also, now that I’m getting into more of the real life, my blog may change a bit and start revealing some of the realities. I realize I’ve been holding back on my readers and we can’t have that. Until then,baci.

4 responses to “Amalfi pics for your pleasure

  1. Make friends with a sailboat owner and you can really have a good time the next visit. I have been pricing European river cruises for Dad and I when we visit you. There is a great one down the Danube, so maybe we can swing over to Vienna when we come. Does your new job have a liberal policy on vacations? Spring break with your mom and dad on water! What fun!! Sorry that isn’t a soothing vibe is it?

  2. I think you should take me too Sandra.

  3. Congratulations on finding a job! How hard was it to get a work permit?

  4. Umm, I never said anything about a work permit. I’m very much, still, an illegal alien. (But don’t tell anyone.)

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