Back, a bit thicker

Recently my life has allowed me to incorporate the phrase from a friend “eat the restaurant” as in, “tonight, let’s eat the restaurant.” If you can’t figure out what this means, then I can’t help you.

So in Amalfi with Mendalina, that phrase came up at least twice. And one night, we did eat almost the whole restaurant. There were starters, pastas, seconds, desserts, after dessert liquor, after dinner coffee. We closed the place down. The next day we took a bus along the entire coastline of Amalfi. There was a moment of confusion and we didn’t get off in Positano (as our plans and bus tickets thought we would) but the water was just as lovely bluish green further down the coast.

It was a lovely get away weekend. Unfortunately, once more I’m depending on Mendy for pictures because when I tried to save my pictures from my camera, the computer is not reading the disk. So, maybe in a few days. Sorry. And trust me, there is some video of Mendy in the Sorrento ferry station that really is not to be missed. You’ll have to watch it from my camera I suppose.

Now I’m tired and road weary and my stomach, for some strange reason, seems a tad bit fatter. So, off to bed. Go eat the restaurant and report back to me. Oh, and for some strange images you can imagine in a David Lynch type way: a dog sleeping in a dirt planter, confetti blowing along the sidewalk in mini-clouds, a bus driver whose eyes were poured from the sea, cantaloupe liquor in a glass, waves, white caps, darkness, and rain rolling down window panes smudging everything.

4 responses to “Back, a bit thicker

  1. finally, a post! i’m glad it was a lovely trip and can’t wait for Mendy’s version of the trip et al when she gets back to atl.

  2. “Eyes poured from the sea” I love that image, but tell us more about the cantaloupe liquor. Speaking of animals in planters, L.L. John now sleeps in the planter outside the patio doors in the dining room. I will try to send a picture if I ever figure how to use this digital camera. All kitties are doing fine!!

  3. It was such a wonderful trip! I’m still full from the wonderful “eating the restaurant” fests. 😉 As always – Julia, you were a wonderful host! But I have a strange feeling that my video from the Sorrento “FERRY” station will be used as some sort of blackmail in the future. Great times and HUGE laughs! I just got my pictures back so I’ll forward some this weekend. Beautiful discription with the David Lynch reference. And Mrs. Sandra the bus driver with “eyes poured from the sea” was HOTTTTT!!! Whew…there are just too many good looking guys in Italy.

  4. Sounds like a really awesome trip…glad you had such good eating the restaurant experiences. 🙂 Eric and I are going to eat the restaurant tonight in honor of my new job…today is McKinley Day Observed (I will be working for the McKinley Church and Foundation), and I’m in the mood for good food, and wine, of course.

    Loved your list of images from the trip at the end of your post, David Lynch-ian or not. Eyes poured from the sea…sounds a little movie Frodo-like. 🙂

    Miss you!

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