Things to do

It is a lovely day here and time is wasting. Mendy is coming Thursday and we are hoping to make a journey to the Amalfi coast. I know, I know, life is tough. I’ll tell George Clooney everyone says “Hi”.

But, before she gets here, lots to do. Mainly laundry, a much needed haircut, the actual planning of the trip, making sure I really am healthy. Oh, and I have to charge my camera. There are still tons of pictures from Grossetto and other places I need to post. This has not been a very visual blog, all apologies.

Then there are the big things. Find a job, decide where to live, guilt my parents and brother into coming to see me, discover more beauty, etc. Oh, and write. Always need to write more.

So, if any one out there is the blogosphere has words of wisdom or would like to make an agenda for me, feel free. I’m accepting all encouragement and advise.

7 responses to “Things to do

  1. I broke it down for you in a ready to use list. I put them in order of importance. You should notice that I am allowing for the dream vacation before you get down to business, but that is for my own selfish reasons. Notice also that I have removed “discover more beauty” because you don’t need reminding of that. You notice beauty in every moment.

    [] Go to Doctor
    [] Do laundry
    [] Get a haircut
    [] Plan of the trip Amalfi coast
    [] Charge my camera.
    [] Absorb sunlight
    [] Tell George Clooney Shelby says thanks for waiting for her and she’ll be right over.

    [] Find a Job
    [] Find a place to live

    [] Guilt parents
    [] Guilt brother
    [] Write more
    [] Post pictures
    [] Communicate
    [] Embrace duality

  2. You should first go back to the doctor if you are not better. Recharge your camera battery while you go to get a haircut. Forget getting a job and begin writing the next great American/Italian novel. Well I guess you do need a warm sunny nest. So find an apartment that is condusive to writing. But first enjoy Mendy and those wonderful laughs that she so easily shares. Send us pictures!!

  3. Oh! I think first on your agenda should be have fun! Soak in all that you are experiencing. I am snowed in for the second time in two weeks. I am jealous, jealous of the sun and the coast and the beach.

  4. Just take it one thing at a time…one goal to work towards each day. And please relax on your trip with Mendy so that you stay well. Try to squeeze in a few more naps. BTW, one of those whispers you heard during your nap earlier this week was me sending you a big hello. Take care of you! -J 🙂

  5. Clearly I need an Aries to help motivate me and not fellow Aquarians and Scorpios! 🙂 But, just to let you know, hair is cut, have an appointment to look at apartments tomorrow, resume is being delivered to the London school, trip is almost finalized (thanks Mendy!), laundry done. In essence, the ball is rolling. And yes, beauty is everywhere. Warm thoughts to the cold ones.

  6. I’m so excited! And I just can’t hide it! Come on sing along! See you shortly!!! BTW, I’ll help with your list when I get there! I have an idea for a book for you to ponder but more on that soon! And not to worry…I will be bringing LOTS of giggles! 🙂

  7. You’re right on about advice from Aquarians. I’m excited to hear about apartment prospects. And I think haircuts are good starting points for new perspectives, new beginnings.

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