Recuperating from an illness allows me the luxury of naps. Thursday I took one and in what appeared to be the silence of my room I began to hear slight whispers floating from above. My logical brain realized that it was probably the upstairs neighbor treading the floor in house shoes, or maybe the slight whir of my laptop on the desk. But the other part of me hoped it was something else. I pictured my family and my friends thinking about me, not in that moment, but just on occasion. And these thoughts come filtering into my room, whispering, letting me know they are there.

It was a lovely moment. I hope you all hear the ones I send you. Be still and quiet and wait for the ruffling ripple through the air.

3 responses to “Whispers

  1. Dad and I think of you each day, sometimes several times a day. Some days each hour of the day. But I will be waiting for those whisper sounds. I hope your little fingers are making clicking sounds on the laptop, and Chapter 1 is in progress. Begin at the beginning…… Love and whispers from home.

  2. I heard you in the brisk wind this morning as I took my morning walk. You were saying, “it is not as cold as you think it is but you should have worn your knit hat instead of your saints hat, and you also should have worn your gloves,” and then I turned the corner and felt the sun! It was nice!!! Love you bunches. I hope you are feeling better!

  3. As if you need recuperation for an excuse to nap. Please. Who do you think you are fooling?

    All teasing aside. The whispers were the sound of my tears floating across the sea. I tried to call but the phone card I bought in DC is defunct. Email forth-coming. I love you!

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