After class yesterday, I had the unexpected pleasure of going to IKEA for a little home shopping. Yes, it’s nesting time. I’ve been here for over a month and realized that even when I leave this apartment, there will be another and things really have to start being more me.

So, I purchased 2 pillows, a bed cover with matching pillow cases, and had the pleasure of taking the free IKEA bus back to Florence. Now my bedroom looks more like my bedroom (even if it is just for a few weeks).

As for other home business, there are a few apartments I’m going to go inquire about today in Santa Croce. Not too pricey, but it will be interesting to see how shoddy they are. Wish me luck. And I may have a chance to teach English soon, but some force of nature (let’s call him Gigione) has decided that really I need to be editing (not to mention writing). We’ll see. Regardless, I think it will not be too difficult to get some kind of job. Still hoping for a librarian position somewhere though.

Oh, and I had the best Sunday a girl could ask for. Maybe it’s my sexy Scarlett Johannsen voice I can’t shake off? I don’t know. Whatever it is, a gentle unfolding is occuring. Tender, tender, tender and somewhat brave.

5 responses to “IKEA

  1. Who is Gigione? I am bothered by the unknown. Love the bed cover. I support nesting however and wherever it’s done. Bravo for being brave!

  2. Gigione: A common nickname for Luigi is Gigi. In Italian if you add the suffix -one to a name or word, then it means whatever that thing is + grand. So, bacione is a big kiss. Gigione is a grand Luigi. I really owe the nickname to his friend Leo, but it is very fitting.

  3. Glad you are feeling better. Isn’t nesting fun? Hope you are enjoying your new stuff; I’m sure it’s making your place feel homier. That’s important! And your Sunday sounds like it was magic. I’d love to know more if you want to tell. But I’m very happy that you’re happy. šŸ™‚

  4. Ah IKEA, how I remember my first visit to IKEA when we lived in Vienna. It was grand to shop in a store where they sold lamps, bed linens, and cooking things in one place. I had visited a lamp shop in Heitzing where the lest expensive was 6,000 shillings ($610) so I quickly found IKEA where I purchased everything I needed for less than the specialty store lamp. I think a private bus with a rooster head took me there (fare free). Those were the days!!!

  5. Coincidentally (or not?) I’ll be visiting the Atlanta Ikea this weekend. And Ru-San’s, of course.

    Good luck with the apartment search.

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