The winter brings the fog. I’d forgotten that. Everything can be very yellow, grey, pink, green and terracotta here and then when it is blurred—yet still lit by the sun, it becomes a realistic special effect. As if the place didn’t look stuck in time enough, then you ad fog and well, the question of “when am I?” rises to the surface. If you catch the top of the Duomo looming from between buildings wrapped in mist, it looks like a post card from the fantasy of your mind. As if your subconscious could send you an image and say “wish you were here.”

Maybe it is all a dream. Maybe the cold walks to class with long strides, voyeauristic damp, morning rush, dodging pigeons and angry scooters is not a part of this time over. But I suspect reality is knocking.

Not today though. Today I’m voiceless and at home missing class with books in the bed and medication at hand. If you try to call me, be warned. When I make a sound, it is a raspy bellow.

7 responses to “Dreamscape

  1. TAKE A PICTURE!!!!!!!!!!

  2. The view sounds lovely! And it really makes me wish I was there! 🙂
    Make you a hot toddie with honey and lemon. Hope you feel better soon! I’ve still got that nagging cough that won’t go away…UGH!!!

  3. raspy bellow? better or worse than a barbaric yawp?

    sorry you’re not better, sweetie. still want you to get a headset and start skypeing . . .

    love you,


  4. Sorry about your raspies, dear. Rest up and feel better. Lemon herbal tea with honey works well for me.

    Sending get-well hugs your way from Brandy Hall!

  5. makes me thing of Wings of Desire, but with color . . .

  6. hmm, Wings of Desire? Do I know that? Oh, and the voice is back but still grating. Doc put me on some antibiotics and sent me on my way. Thanks for all of the well wishes — they’ve had an impact.

  7. (wim wenders movie w/peter falk, berlin, fog . . . one of my favorites)

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