Buon fine settimana!

Have a good weekend!

As for me, I will hopefully be spending it studying and in bed. Temperatures are dropping here and my hibernation desires are out in full force. Therefore, my birthday will hopefully revolve around a warm bed, maybe some wine, perhaps a dinner and cozy intimacy that seems mandatory with the rising possibility of snow. I can’t help but remember back to last year’s birthday and spending it in Rome. But this year quiet is the key.

Before sleep and sweet dreams take over, I do want to wish Jessica and Claudia (my birthday buddies) a very happy day on Sunday. Also, though she is too young to read, my darling god-daughterZoë turned 3 on Wednesday and today I had the pleasure of seeing pictures of her. Thanks Darryl and Lori for sharing. One day I’ll be there for her birthday. Please let her know that.

However you spend your week’s end, enjoy it. Hustle bustle Mondays are at hand.

7 responses to “Buon fine settimana!

  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Are you also the 28th? I’ll be thinking of you hibernating as I traverse the cold here in Illinois.

    I hope whatever you choose to do on your day that you do so in celebration of the wonderful things that make you, you. We don’t do that enough and I think a birthday is a perfect occasion for telling ourselves, we rock!

  2. Buon compleanno presto! (Is that right???) Please have a lovely weekend! And know that all your friends on this side of that big ol’ ocean are sending you warm wishes and lots of love!

    BTW…Do you remember when we through the fuse to the apartment in Santa Croce when we were trying to listen to music from your laptop and almost froze to death? AHHH…Fun times in Firenze!!! 😉

  3. Have a wonderful birthday!

    Much Love,

  4. Happy Birthday, Perla!

  5. Happy, happy birthday. Maybe Zoë will actually talk to you tomorrow.

    Also, you need new photos. She just had her first real haircut: a bob w/bangs. Quite a change.

    Many lovely, warm wishes winging your way . . .


  6. Mendy, I don’t know if I’ve heard it with the Presto at the end, but otherwise, it looks fine. And of course I remember the fuse blown, the confusion with the neighbor, the cold, the darkness, the firecrackers. How could I forget?

    Thanks everyone for the well wishes. I’ll follow your advice Devon, and Lorelei I now expect pictures.

  7. A warm bed to start the day and finish it, and some wine and good food in between. Perfetto! Know what you mean about the hibernation instinct…it’s getting wicked cold here on our birthday, and bed feels like the right place to be. Happy Birthday, dear friend! Hope you are already enjoying our day with a good night’s sleep!
    Much love,
    Jessisca/Brandy Hall 🙂

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