Illuminated Shoes

My across the street neighbors are Gucci. Well, some of the official Gucci offices here. They bought up tons of property in Florence several years ago and restored most off them. As neighbors go, they aren’t bad. No loud noises at night, they keep the place tidy, good people really. But interestingly enough, they seem to care a bit too much about fashion.

I realized this one night when I forgot to shut the shutters. I looked out and there were beautiful shelves, lighting up the room. I kept trying to determine what could possibly be so important and eventually (luckily for my curiosity’s sake) a well-dressed man came in and reverently picked up a shoe. Yes, all of that space for shoe display. They are even men’s shoes (I guess Gucci designs mens shoes?). After the surreal shock wore off, I shook my head, blinked my eyes and went to bed. To a girl in sensible shoes, it seems a bit too much after all. However, I can’t help but wonder if now in my dreams the men will be at least well shod.

As for what I’ve been up to, well, let’s just say I can’t complain. Went back toGrossetto and then Sunday to Terme di Saturnia. Umm, yeah, if you check out the links to that, you’ll see why I can’t complain. Oh, and I picked oranges. But that is another story all together.

Classes are going well. More later.

4 responses to “Illuminated Shoes

  1. You call them sensible shoes. Most people call them Grandma shoes.

  2. ouch…Shelby…Julia has done very well with shoes in recent years!

  3. You definitely need comfortable shoes for walking, but if you want to buy some Gucci; it will be my treat. Birthday treat just tell me how much to put in your bank. A present for 28th is not in the mail. I must be the worse mother in the world, but the last package I sent cost you more in taxes or custom, or whatever that charge is than the contents were worth. SO HAPPY IN ADVANCE. GO SHOPPING!!! CHECK WILL BE THERE!!

  4. Thanks Miche for defending me. Geez, I thought I was doing much better. Remember my white tennis shoes? Hello, give me some credit Shelby. Unfortunately mom, no Gucci for me. I refuse to be a fashion victim, especially when it comes to feet! But sure, maybe some shopping is in order . . . hmm, I’ll let you know how much to make that check for 😉

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