Spending a week in the midst of a balloon pine forest on the sea was perhaps good for my mind (oh the elegant limbs of the trees’ embrace), but my spirit craves action. And finally I have it. My Italian lessons began yesterday. By classes, I mean full on immersion. I am the only non-Spanish speaker in the class and therefore, none of the chit chat or slipping into English for me. Hopefully this strategy will prove effective — it feels like it is. But the real joy is in doing something beyond my past few weeks of luxe, calme, volupte. Waking up, occupying my mind, hours meaning something — I’m in a bliss state this way. Without it consciousness slides into nothingness and relativity slips away. We all need some bit of routine to truly, wholly appreciate the moments of beauty, pause, and thought. Well, not all of us; maybe just me.

Unfortunately I am still limited to Internet points. As all things Italian go, so does my schedule for connectivity. In other words, it will happen when it happens and not before. So, I’d like to say in 2 days, but we’ll see. Yes? Then pictures and long ramblings, I promise.  Until then, wish me luck with classes and communication in general.

3 responses to “Routine!

  1. Nicely put! I need routines too! Mainly because I can drift off into a daydream at the blink of an eye and the next thing I know it is two hours later. (I daydream when I paint too which is probably why I’m so slow.) Congratulazioni on finding a new routine! Maybe you can share a new word or phrase with each entry? I have one for you off my phrase-a-day calendar….”Brindo a cio!” which translates into “I’ll drink to that” so grab a glass of wine for me!!! 🙂 Buona fortuna with your class!!!

  2. You are a wonderful wordsmith with English, but I can’t wait to hear words like “luxe”, “calme”, “volupte”. Will your Southern accent make a difference? My accent caused a great deal of laughter when I attempted German while in Vienna. I agree with Mendy why don’t you share a word with each post.. Best Wishes!!

  3. I know what you mean about routines. When I am without one for too long, I start to feel like I’m living under-water. I need a few (even just one) regular points in each day to keep me moving forward in a more global way.

    Your Italian class sounds good. Please keep sharing this beautiful language you’re going to become fluent in. 🙂

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