Sea bound

Bufana caused delays. Bufana being an old woman who gives children candy or rocks or something and celebrates the coming of the wise men to the wee babe. And yes, the Italians do love their holidays and trains do not always run on schedule because of it.

So, today, at last, I’m headed to the sea. Planning on picture taking, lounging, pasta eating, wine drinking and when I return perhaps I’ll have a more serious take on life here. Still restricted to Internet Points, but will soon get over all of that. Oh, and just in case you were wondering, I’m back to my normal caffeine addiction. So far, a cappuccino and espresso and it isn’t even noon yet.

Note to some fellow bloggers: I have difficulty posting to some blogs due to some scripts not being allowed. If you haven’t heard from me, know I am reading just unable to post. When technological challanges are conquered, I’ll be there!

2 responses to “Sea bound

  1. It strikes me that you are again Along the Arno and need to change the name back to the original. So looking forward to pictures.

  2. Hey Julia,

    I’m finally catching up on blogs, and I just wanted to say happy new year and welcome back to Italy! So glad you arrived safely and are already settling back into life. Enjoy the sea, the food, the wine, the espresso, all of it. Enjoy your independence! I promise to get Brandy Hall up and running again, hopefully this afternoon. December was a whirlwind…lots of fun at times, but I’m ready to slow down.

    Much love,

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