Quick bits

So, here I sit an an internet point spending money on my need for communication. Fortunately, it looks like I will have wireless at my Santo Spirito apartment. Unfortunately, Umbi (short for Umberto) and I couldn’t get it to work before my laptop died. Tomorrow will be spent purchasing power adaptors. However, that is why I now sit on a Friday night like a true geek tapped into the Net. Oh well.

Luckily the week ahead looks better and involves quiet days at the seaside, hopefully writing, lounging and making my adventure slow down to the sound of waves. And there may be a day spa involved. Surprisingly, I have not taken full advantage of the wine and food yet, but these are both goals I’m aspiring to.

Several of my friends are going through difficult times right now. That is the hardest part. Knowing that I am needed elsewhere and wanting to help. To those of you that may be wrapped in a layer of sadness, please know I am really there and you definitely are in my heart and mind. Love to everyone and hopefully better communication will follow.

One response to “Quick bits

  1. Please eat pasta.

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