At last

Arrived safely. Walked around Venice in a jet-lagged daze. Saw some friends. Celebrated New Year’s. Meet some new friends. Still exhausted. The first day found some cloudy bits occupying my mind that has to do more with not speaking the language than anything. See, my Italian friends here have in the past had a multi-national crowd to it and I have always had a non-Italian friend around. Now, it is all Italian all the time and naturally, understandably, they speak Italian when together. So to say I’ve been in a fog is an understatement. Immersion hopefully will be the best teacher because that is what I’m experiencing. My schooling starts January 15th and then confusion will unwrap itself to reveal clarity. Since 2006 was about self discovery, I hope 2007 to be about communication and all of its facets. Buon anno!

When I’m not so out of it, expect more of the details of what’s going on. Lots of fun so far. But now for some unpacking and nesting in my rented room.

4 responses to “At last

  1. Natalie (from Goldstein)

    Julia, I’m sooo excited for you! I’m also jealous, but at least I can read your blog. 🙂 I’m thrilled that you a happily enjoying life in romantic Italy.

    I left Goldstein a while back. I’m sure you can guess why. I was much happier as a result. I am also a recent graduate. I feel like I’m suspended in time. I’m more than a little disoriented, but have been told that this is a normal syptom.

    Enough about me! More about you and Italy! Have you been swept off your feet yet by an Italian Adonis? Send me an email sometime. Maybe we can be email pen pals, 🙂

  2. Speaking of nesting, our little nest seems empty without you here. Dad is moping around, but he said he is just tired. He misses his princess, and is too stubborn to admit it. I miss you, but am glad you are happy. I do question if I should have said things like “hearth and home are over rated” and “there is a big world out there go and see it” while you were growing up. Maybe I am a gypsy at heart….. We might see you before spring I doubt your dad can hold out until it is warm. How is the weather in March?

  3. We are so pleased that you arrived safely and expect that your language-induced fog will begin to dissapate soon (or at least evolve into glimmers of clarity!) We moved into your lovely home on December 30 and spent New Year’s Eve beginning the process of our own nesting here on Eleanor Drive. We are already in love with the place, even with the overwhelming mess that is moving. Elizabeth has a beautiful nursery and our normally schizo cat Cleo (“Devil Cat”, as you once dubbed her) has adjusted so well that we think she must be comforted by the olfactory memories of her five predecessors.

    From one new home to another, Greg, Elizabeth, and I send you best wishes for a wonderful life in beautiful Florence!


  4. I’m so envious that you’re there, but so glad you’re there in case I make it to Italy this year … looking less likely given my current financial crisis, but I’m hopeful … Be safe and have fun!

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