these are the days

Holiday season is upon us. In my family it is officially rung in with Duncan’s birthday (11/21) and yesterday was his 40th. So my trifecta of 40-year-olds comes to an end. Duncan proved to be the easiest because he only wanted me to travel as far as the farm to celebrate. The first two 40-year olds this fall required trips to New York and North Carolina, so thanks Duncan for making it easy on me. That, and mom made the best Chocolate Cake I’ve Ever Had for D and I’m still happily swollen.

And now, cranberry (my favorite part of Thanksgiving). We are all going to be packed into the farm with family and friends and so much food I’m almost sick just thinking about it. After that more festivities, packing, Christmas, selling of homes, flying. Busy. But, I get to have lunch with the fabulous music library folks soon and I’ll hopefully see some of my other library crew before severing from Tallahassee. (oh, and that will be an entirely different post)

So, essentially I’m just taking this halcyon moment to tell all of you thanks for reading, keeping up, sharing, etc. I’ll continue with this (and other writing projects) for now and can’t wait to share Florence with you as an unemployed -living in a room – impoverished – adventure seeker. I think it will look very different. But as long as wonder bounds around the everyday— hopefully worth it.

Happy Thanksgiving!

3 responses to “these are the days

  1. Love you, Julia. Can’t wait to see you & the Family Padgett tonight. – Lorelei

  2. Hope you got your fill of cranberries…I love them too! We had a lovely time in Wisconsin with dear family friends, as well as E’s sis and their parents. We slept a lot, ate a lot, relaxed a lot. It was so welcome.

    Wow, so much going on for you!!! I look forward to hearing about all of it. Interesting that you will be reading the ULTIMATE quest book, LOTR, as you begin your own quest to re-discover Florence. No worries, though…I’m sure there are no Mt. Dooms in your future. I’m really excited for you!

    BTW, I’m at the point in the book where Gimli first begins to fall in love with Galadriel. So cute!

    Jessisca (aka Brandy Hall)

  3. What she said. And yes, I did stop to ponder the intellect (and other personality traits) of the noble Turkey. And though it did not make me decide not to eat it when it was put before me, it did cause me to pause and be grateful for the bird and its life and generally for the meal itself. It is a magnificent creature. The greatest pity would be to take it for granted.

    Hope you had a fabulous Thanksgiving too! Hugs!

    (oh, and if you’re still looking for a house buyer, we may know an interested party. Let us know!)

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