Jessica recently encouraged me to read the Tolkien trilogy again and last week I finally felt I could begin. Up until about 10 years ago, I read the trilogy every year since the age of 12. Hearing about Peter Jackson’s efforts at bringing them to the screen, I decided to put my ritual to rest in anticipation of the movie. At some point, I did sneak a reading in there, but it was quick and more like filling a need rather than a reading.

So here I go again. Reading for me is in part the complete removal from my physical environment. Escapism is putting it mildly. I think that is why The Lord of the Rings has captivated me so much — it encompasses adventure, pain, happiness, friendship, ethics, language — well you get the point. A whole world is created and I get to travel it. And this time, it feels very much like a reunion. Over my long absence, I’d forgotten about how much they all meant to me. I can now look back at my 12 year old self and remember the terrible crush I had on Aragorn (he really is king of men) and how much Samwise perked me up even in the rough spots and the complete feeling of hatred towards Mr. Tolkien when he dropped Gandalf into a dark abyss and the joy at his return. Now I have the benefit of really reading it. Certain lines still me as an adult that went right over my head as a teenager. I now see how much this book has had an impact on me. So thanks Jessica for the push.

And to the rest of you, try to go and reacquaint yourself with an old favorite. You may find a little bit of childhood you had forgotten about.

3 responses to “Reading

  1. So glad you are reading!!! Hooray! We can talk via our blogs if you want…I just felt like my long LOTR posts were not generating any discussion. But feel free to share favorite moments, and I will do the same.

    Isn’t it wonderful to be reading them again? And thank goodness for reading in general…it really is responsible for my sanity some days.

    Miss you!
    -J 🙂

  2. i have my lotr tome sitting on my bookshelf waiting patiently for me to pick it up again after the first failed attempt at reading it. good luck to you, it’s a real killer!

  3. so we didn’t share Prez Carter, but we did share a fictional ideal man.

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