Christmas in November (and Rummy too)

It’s been too long since I felt this way. I remember in 2000 sticking my “I voted” sticker on my bedroom wall confident that I would wake up with one of my heroes in office. As a Florida voter, I took 2000 personally. Then 2004. Ugh. And no, Tuesday didn’t redeem anything really and it certainly isn’t going to make all of the damage done go away, but at least I felt a tad hopeful that the electoral process does not always fail.

Well, nationally went well. In Walton County they are using the computerized voting machines so predictably the same numbers were put up and it went to the dark side. No one likes Katherine Harris. Not even here; yet there she was as the winner in this district. Thankfully, other counties — including Leon with a stellar 65% voter turn out — use paper ballots still. So, no, dad didn’t win. But as he pointed out (have I mentioned he is an Aries) if he had won, it would have proven him wrong. And the man loves to be right.

Still at the farm. Signs to take up and things to do here before major changes occur to sell my Tallahassee home.

One response to “Christmas in November (and Rummy too)

  1. Yes, isn’t it nice to feel hope for the first time in six years?

    I’m sorry that your dad didn’t win. I would have voted for him!

    Wow, you have big changes coming soon!!! We need to talk before you leave the country again. I’m really excited for you!!!


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