When I arrived in North Carolina last Thursday for Shelby’s birthday, I couldn’t believe how lucky I was. My first leg landed me in Charlotte and it was one of the most breathtaking autumn palates I’ve seen. Red, gold, yellow, orange with intermittent green surrounding lakes and rivers. Living in Florida for so long has deprived me of a real Fall and that scene brought it all back to me.

Taking the highway from Raleigh to Wake Forest brought me close up to the spectacle. The Midas touched smaller trees seemed aflame under their more austere and older evergreens. Each leaf seemed an awakening. Why we don’t all rush to the hills to experience autumn is beyond me; but I hope to not miss too many more.

The party was fun. Reuniting with several friends before my leave and taking part in the celebration of one of my best friends 40 years on earth was very rewarding. Michelle put together a movie of Shelby’s life in pictures and music which was priceless, funny and a good reminder as to why we are all friends and a nice history of the roots of that friendship. It was a golden moment. There was a bonfire to ward off the cold that night and lots of new people for me to talk to. But nothing like talking to old friends — the ones you don’t have to say anything to because they already kind of know.

Now I’m off to the farm for dad’s election day. Keep your fingers crossed and wish him the best. Don’t forget to vote today!!! It may seem like just another mid-term election, but so much is at stake. So VOTE (or else . . .).

PS — I purchased my ticket back to Florence. Leaving at the end of December! More on that later.

2 responses to “Gold

  1. Yes, we have the best friends in the whole world.

  2. Congrats on the ticket back. Can’t wait for the details. Sounds like things are going well and richly for you.

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