The impact of dawn

So it broke today. Shortly thereafter, I dropped off my friend at the airport and now — quiet. On the inside, I’m still in that dawn moment of light within grey and awakening. It’s nice to have some moments linger.

But dallying too long is not permitted by time. Birthday celebrations later this week for Shelby. Lots of preparations to be made and then on the road again. It has been quite a year for travel and looks like the end of the year will be no different.

Wishing everyone shrouded thoughts on this Halloween day. Enjoy a moment of disguise.

2 responses to “The impact of dawn

  1. If we still had Mentone Springs Hotel, you would be busy icing down the galvanized tubs of beer, helping Prez stir the last day of the marinara (3 day) sauce, and lighting the candles in the most crative pumpkins to ever reach the mountain. Yes tonight would be the 22nd “Night of the Tenth Moon Costume Ball”! How I miss those Mentone Daze. Happy Halloween!!

  2. The pumpkins were not crative, they were creative! I need a dictionary!!

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