NOLA and the farm

Meeting people has been difficult for me in my past. Overcoming shyness and insecurity to peel through to layers of human spirit and arrive at the core of understanding which leads to friendship means that if I count you as one of my friends, then you are one of a few. Sure, I’d love to change this about myself, but it does mean that the friends I have are the best there are out there. While taking Luigi out to meet the Padgetts, I became aware this is not a problem for others. Yes, he seemed quite at home in the chaotic vortex of farm life. If anything, I was the one nervous. After going to the fair and touring the livestock, rickety rides, and meeting some of my old acquaintances all seemed fine to him. Me, a fidgety wreck — not so much as a ruffle for the stranger in town. But then, I remembered when I was in Italy I experienced the same sort of comfort in the overwhelming unknown. Maybe we should start everyday as if it is still unfamiliar. All in all, it was fun and the term “Southern Bliss” is part of his vocabulary. Mom’s cooking, pecans, the porch hammock and natural setting probably have a lot to do with it.

After such a serene pause New Orleans was in order. We had just a day and night, but made the most of it. Bourbon Street was rowdy (we witnessed a fight within 20 minutes of walking down it), the people were friendly and the food was wonderful as usual. It seemed colder than ever, but something about that place warms you up (spicy food and alcohol maybe?). It was a success, but another visit to the farm was in order for mom’s birthday. I do realize that I didn’t post anything fantastic for mom, but I will get around to it. But in the meantime, know that one of the world’s originals is now 65 and only just now getting into her full energetic force and peace of mind. What that means for the rest of us? Well, enemies tremble and friends take heart, because she is certainly someone not to be stopped.

I’m back in Tally again. Saw some of my spring students last night for a few minutes which confirmed my suspicions that I really miss my job. Maybe soon?

Sorry about the scarcity of posts, but life is full right now and I’m having too much fun soaking it all in.

PS. For those keeping up with Padgett politics, my dad really did have to kiss that pig. Was there ever any doubt?

2 responses to “NOLA and the farm

  1. Oh what I’d do for a picture of that piggy smooch!

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