Yeah, I get it

Too tired to really go into it, but as most that know me expected, New York was very comfortable to me. I helped close a French restaurant down at around 7 a.m., walked around Battery Park in search of Whitman quotes, went to night clubs, shot pool at 3 in the morning, met people, slept, fell totally in love with Central Park(I still think it is NYC’s best asset), ate Vietnamese cuisine and really, really loved the range of pleasure.

There may be a decline in civilization and made clear to me while looking at the skyline from the Jackie Onassis resevoire in Central Park. Compare the Chrysler Building to anything built there in the last 30 or so years and you will understand what I mean. Yet, even so, a decline can be enjoyed and surely it will not be a permanent one.

Life was good. This was in large part due to the generosity and friendship of Larry — a fantastic host and wonderful stroller of night streets. Also the New York knowledge of Lauren and Kyle helped us find debauchery and great food. Luigi’s ability to abandon plans in the face of spontaneity and his love of everything Big Apple led the charge to my fantastic virgin tour of the city.

Anyway, I’m back now and will try to be good about writing again. I have the odd and enjoyable task of introducing an Italian to Southern life. There may be a “kiss the pig” contest at the fair that I can take him to. Maybe chitlins? Expect updates.

3 responses to “Yeah, I get it

  1. I forgot to ask, did you see the Times Square Subway Station? And the fair is here you know. Plenty of pigs there.

  2. and the Project Runway display at the Herald Square Macy’s? i swear i didn’t seek that one out, just happened to stumble upon it.

    so glad you loved nyc.

  3. I knew you would love New York!! Stroller of night streets, debachery, and good food. I should have been braver when I visited, or maybe I needed a Larry or Luigi to be my guide.

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