Wake Forest

Fall is here. Well, it is there anyway — back in Wake Forest. Finally, I had a chance to see Shelby’s lovely home and new town. It is very cute; old houses, turning trees, very much the North Carolina place I envisioned. And naturally, it seems fitting for her.

We did go out a bit Friday night and I was able to dance for the first time since coming back to the States. Thomas is a great dance partner and not afraid. Topping adebaucherous evening off with a 3:30 am breakfast was a stroke of genius on his part — or mine, hard to remember.

But the soul searching part of the trip involved Miche, Shelby, and I sorting through boxes and boxes of pictures. All of this is in preparation for Shelby’s 40th birthday bash in November and even though they were pictures of her life, we are all in it. The past ten years flickered by. All of our past (and current) loves, crushes, parties, forgotten friends and lost family loosened something in the three of us. I guess tripping down memory lane comes with a little bit of pain. Seeing so many faces illustrates the point that we are usually on our best behavior in front of the camara. Always reminded to smile, rather than be honest. Maybe that is why my favorite photos catch you unaware — the person just there, being who they are and not showing a gentle facade.

And like all great road trips with friends, this one came to an end with a little bit of nostalgia suitable to the Fall air and more laugh lines created from the presence of great friends. Thank you all for a great 2 weeks — Irene, Steve, Lori, Darryl, Michelle, Shane, Will, Shelby and Thomas. If you are curious, I drove a total of 1,861 miles. Fun! Now I have to pack for New York and am off for more adventure Wednesday. This time by plane.

2 responses to “Wake Forest

  1. Thank you for enjoying my lovely home and the indulgence of several hundred photographs. After ten years it’s hard to imagine there is a detail of my life you don’t know. Thanks for sharing all of it with me.

  2. What fun I wish I could have been there! I have also been going through boxes of pictures. I need to sort them and divide them between you and Duncan Lots of duplicates are needed. You were a pair at the earlier ages. Actually even latter pics. What gorgeous and wonderful children I have! What great and beautiful friends you had! But I was very sad also, since you both no longer have a few of the people we shared. I still love all of your ex’s. They were the best!! Great smiles! Great hugs! So hurry up and replace them, and keep the next loves. Don’t let them slip away. Please!

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