Road trip — Greenville

Winding down the mountain, 7 hours to Greenville, NC. Stop.

Michelle and Shane’s house, met Gwennie, re-united with Callie, Pip, and Addie. Comfortable, relaxed, friends—met some new ones. Then yesterday (Tuesday) became centered again while walking in Beaufort, NC and along the Atlantic. Maybe I’ll return there one day.

But then the evening. I love good food and wine. At times, if you watch closely, I perform a happy food dance while sitting at the table. And last night Will cooked for me. Well, he cooked for Miche, Shane, Brent and I, but, really I think just me. Pork tenderloin, pears with Gorgonzola and honey, asparagus. He actually stilled me with his food. I did ask him to marry me at some point, but I’m not his type. And how do you follow this meal? Well, with the generous offering of Brunello that Shane has been waiting to appreciate with me. (Our Miche likes birra, but wine for her hubby and I.)

I gotta say — lovely evening Greenville style. Next stop — Wake Forest and the debaucherous Shelby. I’ll let you know what happens next.

3 responses to “Road trip — Greenville

  1. glad you managed to post. hope you two don’t get into too much trouble before Miche arrives. sorry i’m not there. l.

  2. Should find my sitting in my rocking chair knitting, it’s just to counter balance the reputation you are encouraging!

  3. Shelby what are you knitting? Do you need to tell me something. Will’s dinner sounds devine! How I miss his good company, great conversations, and the fact he laughs at my jokes. Did you ask him to marry you because of the food or his gene pool? He is brilliant. Speaking of brilliance I miss all of your friends, what a great group. Shane and Michelle, I wish I could have toasted you in person, bet the wine was great.

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