On the road and at a wedding

It should be easier. Less dressing and planning — more decadence and life. But seeing Irene and Steve get married was beautiful. There were mountains, the sun began to set. A light that isn’t an everyday event took hold of the moment. But still. . .

They were married in a vineyard, so there was wine. And it was good. Some dancing, but to be honest, and I hate to say this publicly, but I missed a dear friend of mine in Florence. He would have had so much fun. I took my camera but left it in the car. Oh well. Just close your eyes and picture the Appalachians — our Earth’s oldest mountains — and the gentle ease of the rising against the end of a day. All my best for new beginnings and love.

4 responses to “On the road and at a wedding

  1. just wanted to say that it was a lovely evening. Julia is a sultry dresser and a much better navigator than i. though i have a way with sages.

    Note to the Firenzian friend: Yay!

  2. Sounds like a beautiful event. But it is hard when you are somewhere that you just KNOW someone else would really, really enjoy/appreciate, and that someone isn’t there. That has happened to me so many times since moving…I keep wanting to share things with my Tally friends. Sigh. Don’t feel bad about it, Julia. It’s part of letting people become dear to you, which is well-worth the sometimes ache of being far away from them.

    Steve and Irene, I don’t know you, but congratulations! Marriage is good. I’ve been married for 8 years, and it just keeps getting better. 🙂

  3. Just to clarify. Lori posted the first comment while signed in as me. So, no, I’m not calling myself a sultry dresser. Because, that would just be strange, even for me. And Jessica, you are so wise.

  4. sorry for the tipsy comment that i made in your name, Jules. definitely forgot that i was logged on as you. thanks so much for sharing the weekend, w/or w/out hammers.

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