Politicking Padgett style

It’s very seat of your pants. I’m sitting in the DeFuniak Springs Democrat Headquarters, dad is on the phone, mom is bringing cell phone — colored paper — sparkling personality, Duncan is making ads and emailing me pictures and Lucy is just putting up with us all. I love Lucy. Anyway, this is the way I prefer to start a massive road trip, chaos with the family. The future of landscapes from Georgia to North Carolina will be appreciated deeply after a few days in the campaign vortex.

All of this just to say, life is never dull as long as you leave your house occasionally.

I’ll try to post from the road, but that could be difficult.  Oh, and if you live in Walton County Florida, vote Ray Padgett for Supervisor of Elections on Nov. 7th! — see how easy that was 😉

4 responses to “Politicking Padgett style

  1. Please post puppy pictures. Post-haste.

  2. Mr. Ray has my vote always. He should run for president! Yay! Julia is on her way!!!!

  3. Hey Julia,

    Any chance we can persuade you to make your roadtrip even MORE MASSIVE and come up to IL? We’d love to see you anytime!

    I loved your story about your first encounter with The Hobbit. What magic, like that book and the trilogy themselves. I was also introduced to Tolkien by a green-eyed lad (aka my hubby), so maybe there’s something to that.

    Miss you! Be safe as you travel.


  4. By the way, GO RAY!!!!!!!

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