st. aughostine

I love visiting friends. This past weekend was no exception while in St. Augustine, Florida hanging out with Angie. It was the standard fare — walked along the beach, toured Flagler college, drank a Bloody Mary at a place called Scarlett O’Hara’s, talked, fantasy shopped, was abruptly roused from the bed by a ghost at 12:30. You know, a typical visit.

OK, so it probably wasn’t a ghost. It seems more likely to be an electrical surge, or television mishap, something normal. But when you are barely asleep and the TV suddenly comes on, blasting noise, you are disoriented, then the TV shuts down just as quickly—well, naturally you think poltergiest. Sleep deprevation was to follow.

Angie will now test the true potency of her ghost. She has decided to unplug the television set. If it comes on while unplugged, well, calling Dan Akroyd may be necessary. In the meantime, I think a ghost naming competition is in order. So far “Flossie” and “Tallulah” have been suggested.

For those of you who have never visited St. Augustine, you should go. Lovely, old, and breezy. Sorry, didn’t take my camera — next time.

2 responses to “st. aughostine

  1. shouldn’t you be working? (sorry!)

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