So, finally made it to Atlanta yesterday. My hometown was playing host to my favorite living author, Margaret Atwood. Lori and I sat in Emory’s Methodist Church, with a large congregation of fans and listened to the unraveling of mythology. Margaret taught me that the word “Gandalf” actually means elf wand in some language. Wish I could remember the language, but the 2 beers prior to the Atwood reading seems to have erased some detail. I actually got to meet her, after a few free glasses of wine, mumbled something incoherent, she signed the book and chatted to Lori and my first glimpse of the world of gods ended.

Later, we went to the Higlander. But, the best of all was the awakening I had this morning by my darling god-daughter. Smiling, laughing Zoe. There is nothing comparable. And today, Ru-Sans’ Firecracker sushi roll. I love this town. More on my trip after its conclusion.

Have a great weekend!

6 responses to “ATL

  1. hoot-hoot (thanks, Mendy!)

  2. Did you know that in the late nineties the Highlander had the best martini in Atlanta? I wonder if they still do? If you have time, have a bowl of pot liker and cornbread at Mary Mac’s for me. Get out the paint brushes again. I am traveling to Tally on Monday. See you there. Love Mom

  3. Mom, I think you are remembering Highland Taps martinis. The Highlander had the great Bloody Mary’s. No Mary Mac’s this trip; maybe next time.

  4. oh my god i am so hungry!

  5. Mmm… RuSans…. Greg is jealous.

  6. how is RuSans the most interesting part of the Atwood story? Hmm . . .

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