Labor Day

Oddly enough, for a person currently without a job, I labored today. Painting and shopping for home improvement is labor enough. So, I’m sitting here with “Churchill Hotel Navajo White” interior trim paint on my fingertips and a slight ache in my back. Painting is nothing new to me; but painting out of motivation is.

It is not a coincidence that I’ve not been able to write very much or often. The last few months — in the midst of my reflecting in the now — I realized that I had found a place that suited me. Naturally my current thoughts drift towards my return to Florence. Not just thought, but action as well. So, I’m done with waiting and longing — now it is preparation and anticipation of going back. And in the chance that you are confused, yes, this means I intend to not be here in the States very long. Some may think this irrational or at least immature. But, before you judge hastily, I would like to ask everyone reading this if there is something they have always wanted and never accomplished. Lost love, abandoned dreams, the little wishes that nag at us — all of the things we put off in the name of prior commitments, comfort, convenience, no time, no money. That is irrational. Because really, even if there were an after life or reincarnation or some other entity that gives us a second chance (401-K plan?) — there is no guarantee that the small essence of forgotten desires will be realized. So I am going.

And to all of you, dust off your equivalent of a hope chest and maybe do the same. Fear, and fear of failure, is something to overcome — not to live by.

Good luck and wish me the same!

9 responses to “Labor Day

  1. I wish you only happiness dear Julia. I understand what you mean when you say that you just know when you’ve found something special. It seems as though you found yourself in Florence and part of you is still there. I hope to see you reunited soon. Michelle and I will just have to find ways to visit you…no matter where you are 🙂

  2. Find happiness where you can. I love you, I can’t wait to see you this week, I can’t wait to see you in Florence soon.

  3. (maybe that should be CREATE the life you want.)

  4. So what exactly are you going to do? Be the Florence center librarian again, or something else?

  5. Bella Perla-I am thrilled for you (and for me-ha!) But I MUST see you before you go.

  6. Of course you know I meant that I am thrilled for me b/c I can come visit you in Florence!

  7. Thanks all.
    Sarah—that is the question. I’m going to enroll in a language class to get a student visa and then work on getting a job at one of the numerous universities there. (perhaps this is where irresponsibility creeps in—Risky!!) Writing is the ultimate goal.
    Cheryl — yeah, I know what you mean.
    Everyone — start saving money now to come visit.

  8. I am so glad you’ve found a way to get back. Doesn’t everyone’s idea of responsibility differ? I mean, how irresponsible would you be, with yourself, with your heart to NOT return?

  9. Darling daughter you will never fail as long as you have the courage to follow your dream. Your first responsibility is to yourself; and happiness is what makes your self whole and healthy. Remind me of this when I cry as you are about to go across the pond again. It might require “better living through pharmaceutics” as one of our friends once said. Where is that Zanac prescription???

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