I need a new season

It’s August. Most of you are uniquely aware of this, no doubt. Certainly I’m not the only one languishing from humidity, heat, complete and resolute boredom from the dog days of summer. However, I must say, really, truly, I’m over it.

And it isn’t just the end of the summer that has me down. For the past several months I have lived away from the land of the small screen. There has been practically no television in my life. So, being a former addict of some television programming — Six Feet Under, Sopranos, LOST, West Wing — I was looking forward to a reunion with my couch (in this case Cheryl’s futon) and the flickering tube of mindlessness.

But, apparently, after Six Feet Under went down, then West Wing, Sopranos on its last season — no one bothered to fill the void with anything. Well, LOST will return surely. I became aware of this last night when it occurred to me I had a TV. Began to surf  channel after channel, finding nothing. At least nothing until 11 when The Daily Show came on. Thank you Jon Stewart for saving me from the inflated sense of cultural elitism required in ex-pats everywhere — and possessing a complete disdain for all things television. The American within me celebrates you. (Well, at least until LOST comes back. Then I’ll celebrate how hot Sawyer is.)

11 responses to “I need a new season

  1. “Grey’s Anatomy,” perhaps? Beyond that, i’m not sure there’s much to look forward to, except for guilty pleasure like “Project Runway.” I’m not sure you’d like it.

    I’m curious about “Big Love,” “Weeds,” and “Deadwood,” but i haven’t seen them yet. But i’m always happy to avoid writing.

  2. Ok–Weeds in exceptional…downloaded last season on itunes–I will make a copy on dvd for all. You both would love it!!!!

  3. Don’t even play that you needed to go overseas to be a TV snob/elitist. There are a few good shows on that are sadly winding down the season. Saved and Rescue me on FX are both fantastic. And Prison Break just started it’s 2nd season. You could watch that til Lost, Grey’s and some of the other shows come back IN OCTOBER! Also, I didn’t watch it but the is a new SNL-ish show on with Whitley and Matthew Perry from the makers of West Wing. There, feel better?

  4. Have they already started showing that Matthew Perry/Bradley Whitford thing? 60-something? I am a curious about that one . . .

    Miche – i’d LOVE to see Weeds.

  5. There are two whole seasons of Deadwood available to rent…run don’t walk to the video store.

  6. OK, I just spent 30 mins of my life watching LOST interviews. Thanks Lori. Deadwood huh? Yeah, Shelby’s been harping about that one for some time now. Miche, can’t wait for my weeds DVD, can you mail it to me? And now I’m intrigued with this whole Whitford thing, I love him in his preppy, button down rogue kind of way. Totally forgot about Grey’s. But I’ll have to wait for all of that. In the meantime, I remembered I used to watch Braves games — maybe I’ll do that again. All of this is besides my reading habit. Thanks for all of the feedback and happy to hear any other suggestions.

  7. Yup. Loooooooooooove Bradley Whitford. Hope his show doesn’t suck.

  8. It’s called Studio 60 and I can’t wait for it. It also has DL Hugley and Amanda Peet in it. Oh and Sarah Paulson…she was Renee Z.’s sidekick in Down with Love. And how can you not LOVE watching Wentworth Miller and Dominic Purcell on Prison Break…major eye candy and the show is not bad either! I will also say that I watched the new show Vanished which is about the wife of a GA senator who disappears…it was pretty good and if you miss ATL you should watch just for the aerial shots of downtown!

  9. Ooh . . . didn’t know Vanished is set here. Prison Break is v. popular w/my coworkers. Haven’t given it a whirl.

    So many time-wasting choices for Julia.

  10. I should have reminded you that Bill Mauer began “Real Time w/ Bill Mauer” Last friday on HBO. Max Cleland was his guest and that drunkerd writer w/ Vanity Fair, and a fellow that wrote a book about Middle East. Spike Lee was featured, the feature called “new rules” craked me up. They will have reruns this week, but I do not remember the times.

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