Pine trees, swamps, the usual

My impromptu self pointed the car towards my parent’s farm yesterday morning. With company coming for several days and future travel plans on the horizon, I realized this may be the best time for a visit. As much as I hate driving in towns—traffic, idiots, red lights timed against you—driving down the highway and in the open is not so bad. All of the planted pine forests and swamps of north Florida rolling by sooth. That evening, mom, Lucy, and I listened to the tree frogs and night sounds after a lovely summer storm and some wine. One would think this would be a peaceful setting.

But, it is my family. And while the night was unwrapping the dark, my mother was finalizing contracts, dad was writing something for his campaign, and typical chaos was carried out on keyboards and cell phones into the evening. Entertaining til the end and progress always. Hopefully we will all have that energy in our mid-60s. Or if not the energy, a comfy chair to watch the world go by.

2 responses to “Pine trees, swamps, the usual

  1. I’m jealous.

    Unrelated: have you heard the Dresden Dolls?

  2. Was it really that chaotic? I guess it was, considering we are old, and tell everyone we are retired. After you left, I finalized the deal on the 120 acres, dad found a new project another 1920’s building, (he says he will let Duncan handle it). We heard that before. I am going to book a cruise before you leave (for just the two of us) and not take a cell phone. Would you rather we take a peaceful drive to the mountains, or camp in the woods. (Do you still have that tent?) MOM

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