piano, piano

And so it begins, a gentle submersion into life here. There are things I can not quite get used to: my bed, writing at home, hours of blank time. Others I readily accept: the washer and dryer, cats meowing, a microwave. Though I have driven around Tallahassee and do not have any problems managing a car, I will say I miss the walking. Walking for the sake of exercise seems too luxurious. So, when I take a stroll, I try to look at it as adventure seeking. Missing the adventure — for sure.

So I think I must take this re-acquaintance piece by piece. The big hole of depression was beginning to open up yesterday, but I think I can cross it with connections. Talking to friends here, there and everywhere in between. Plus now I am living once more in this wild landscape of the deep South. Everything is green, ripe, noisy with birds, crickets, cicadas. They all say here more than anything. So I am here, slowly.

4 responses to “piano, piano

  1. And the frogs. And that owl. To me nothing says comfort quite like your back porch. Slowly rocking in my big rocker with the breeze created by the fan and the sound of the water trickling in the pool behind me. Good company. Good wine. Great times.

  2. Strange that Shelby mentioned the frogs. My frogs were singing their hearts out tonight. What a beautiful symphony. I wish I had an owl. We need to make a trip to the cabin, remember that screech owl at Aunt Deanna’s house, it made you sleep close to your cousins. But your Tally owl has a pleasant wise sounding voice as I recall. He isn’t frightening except the first time I heard him (or her). You do not expect owls in the city. Your live oaks trees along concrete streets were a pleasant surprise. They drip “south”; and soften up the place. I love Tally!!

  3. Julia…

    I’ve always hated the fact that so much information was available via the internet…until I was able to read about your most amazing adventures in the land of pasta and wine..mmmmmm….
    I hope you find happiness back here in the states, just allow yourself to do so.
    Love, your long lost…friend… (?)

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