Michelle and Shelby arrived last night and so our weekend of getting me online, mowing the yard, catching up, drinking wine and living has begun. I’m feeling more connected now that I’m able to write this from home.

Coming back is easier with friends around. Yet I know that come Tuesday, a big hole will open up on the inside. But in the meantime, I’ll enjoy the moment.

More later, off to errand madness.

3 responses to “Connected

  1. Why are you mowing the yard????? I told you to hire a young man to do that for you. It is toooo hot to be out there mowing and you should be enjoying Michelle and Shelby. I still have intense guilt for not frying your chicken in the brief time we were in Tally. I promise to bring my iron skillet when I return and we will have that promised chicken. If I can find some good peaches I will do a cobbler as well. It was so good to hug you and see you looking so fabulous. I am so proud of you! Shelby, do not mow that yard! Michelle make Julia call the yard service there are lots of ads in the paper and there is a nice teenage boy that lives in the house with blue shutters two houses down from Julia (across the street). I’ll bet he would love to make extra money. When I was twelve; I cut grass for 25 cents per yard, with a mower with those metal blades. (they are considered antiques now ….and so am I)

  2. Too late, the yard is done! My friends are exceptional human beings.
    I only believe chicken will happen when I see it (or taste it). : )

  3. Hey, your old friends at the music library would love to see you! Give us a call, will ya?

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