a sort of homecoming

Saw my parents and brother at the airport and was amazed at how easily we all slipped into our normal roles. Duncan carrying bags, Dad sleepy, Mom of course directing the scene. It was a truly great confirmation that you can return home. Well, this doesn’t feel like home, but you can always go back to family.

Almost started crying today at Target when I saw the aisles of pre-packaged existance ahead of me. It is a bit of an overload while still jet-lagged. But the low cost of living was nice to experience.

The cats have forgiven me and are happy to be back home with Alpha-Cat Julia. As for the pool, let’s call it a pond right now — lots of work to be done.

And just to be perfectly honest, as the taxi drove me towards the airport, 90% of me wanted to jump out and remain. Unfortunately, the timer at the public library is ticking away my few minutes so I’ll go into more about returning “home” later . . . 

Thanks for all the well wishes everyone. And if the Florence friends are reading, go dancing and enjoying life. I’ll be mowing my yard. And yes, it is hotter here! Grrr . . . .

2 responses to “a sort of homecoming

  1. Jules, I’m so glad you are home!!! I can now actually dial you up on my way home from work and gab…I’ve so missed that! Well, I had planned on surprising you at your gate in ATL but I have a great story that you will truly appreciate!
    So it seems that my weekend trip to Germany went a little crazy on the very first day. We tried to rent an automatic car in Frankfurt with no luck (word to the wise – when traveling abroad make sure you specify an automatic if you need one!). So we took the train along the Rhine up to Cologne which reminded me of our trips to Amsterdam and Budapest. There really is no other way to travel in Europe but by train…well, that is until we noticed the river boats (next time). My travel buddy, Jen got food poison from something she ate in the states so she was down for the day. But Judd and I walked the town and Cologne is really beautiful! That night I had a little accident getting into the bath tub. I swear you had to hike your leg over what was probably a 2 ½ foot ledge and well, I slipped with NO alcohol in my system. I hit my head, busted my nose, and bruised some ribs…AUGH! But I was a trooper and got up and pretended like nothing happened until I finally got a doctor’s appointment (no broken bones just headaches and ice packs). Anyhoo! We also went to Düsseldorf which has an area known as “the world’s largest bar”. It has something like 230 bars, brew houses, and restaurants in a row…let’s just say there was alcohol involved that day. The place we ate dinner at reminded me of the Prater. We had spiraled cut radish with salt, pretzels, and brats. You would have loved it!
    So I would have been there to visit but I was at the doctor…sorry!
    WELCOME BACK from one Klutz to another!!!! 🙂

  2. Oh dio! Mendy, really, please avoid the pitfalls (or tub falls). Glad you are not too injured.

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