the road goes ever on

or at least I hope it does.

Walking away from all of my favorite haunts and new discoveries is difficult and I would be lying if I said I was not a bit sad. Once I commented that everything seems to flow away from this place; with all of its history it can seem trapped and immovable. But that is forgetting that in order to flow away from, you have to get there first. So now I’m looking forward to return, some current that will bring me back—probably determination and will. And then from there or from here — who knows. Nothing is permanent, except perhaps what you find in yourself.

I’ll write again from across the pond.

3 responses to “the road goes ever on

  1. My heart soars because you found the beauty, talent, wisdom, and compassion that was always there under the surface. It has been there since you were three and first began creating poems. If it took Florence, Italy make you realize that, then I am also in love with Florence. We will both return, I feel it in my mountain bones. I can not wait to hug you on this side of the pond. Love Mom

  2. here’s to crossing the pond, my dearest Julia…and here’s to the transitional chapter you will write when your return as you move on to the next. And here’s to all the people who love you. See you soon my julia!!!!

  3. thanks, julia, for sharing italy with us. welcome home. love, bucky

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