Things I’ll miss #9

There is a reason I came here. Reading my ramblings may give the impression that it is all play (and there is a good bit of that), but I do work. And I love my job. Reference, cataloging, recommending, shelving, even the inventory assure me always that I chose the right path. And here, I am the only person I must answer to.

Admittedly fortunate with most of my past bosses, I still love the fact I get to do things my way while working. I get to make decisions on selection, I come up with the hours and rules, I get to hire the students I want — it’s lovely. Naturally I do ask Sue for some advice or the way things have been done, but essentially it is up to me. Almost all aspects of the library and computer lab are in my domain. I know I sound like a control freak, and you may be correct in that assessment; but the responsibility of it all is wonderful. No matter how much I enjoy working with others, I have learned a lot about how I function as a one man librarian show over here and that is invaluable.

Naturally, as I write this I’m looking at the stack of books that still need to be added to the collection. Sigh. OK, so I have learned a lot — but procastination still reigns. To work!!

One response to “Things I’ll miss #9

  1. Please do not procastinate on the day you leave Florence, If you miss your flight I can not bear another day without hugging you. I am planning to have fried chicken, really sweet iced tea, and a peach cobbler waiting for you. Chicken is not crispy the next day. I also worry about the Paris airport and the fact that you only have 40 minutes to make your flight. Could you request a cart to speed you over to the connecting line? We had a few hours and still were lost beyond hope; and retraced our route in the wrong direction. It is a very confusing airport! And you do not have Mendy (the world traveler) on this solo flight home. Do they give carts to young people or just litttle old ladies?

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