Less than a week

Yes, I’ll be home on Tuesday, August 8th. And because of the insufferable, sweltering heat; the packs of David Gilmour fans and other tourists; the relatively worthless refrigeration and air conditioning here— and of course the thought of seeing family, friends, and cats — I’m getting excited about my return.

But then, Shelby told me it was 104 degrees the other day in North Carolina. I would sigh, but that would mean I’d have to suck in the warm air of my office. Italy and the South have a lot in common, but I can only think of the fact neither are places to be right now. And yet, I get to do both!

My overall crankiness, though heat related, is really just another manifestation of connection. This time, it is the knowledge of disconnect. And yes, I intend to come back. And of course I will not lose touch with everyone. But the truth is we don’t really know what life opens up to us and so I know that for now I have to say goodbye to this place and some wonderful people. Byes are not my strong suit. It’s much easier to be snarly with those you are close to, maybe have an argument, then work yourself up into a fit of feeling like you hate the place and the people your moving away from. Juvenile? Yes; but quite effective.

Fortunately, I have this blog. In the re-reading I know deep down that my current snit is just a defense mechanism. Bring on the heat, hordes, and hazy days of summer. It isn’t going to change my mind about the place. It just lets me know to avoid a return in the month of August.

5 responses to “Less than a week

  1. Look forward to a tall glass of my sweet tea w/ ice to the top. (not stingy Italian ice).One of Duncan’s margaritas in a frosted goblet and homemade lemonade with sliced lemons floating on top. Soft breezes at sunset coming off the Gulf. Then remember how guilty you felt when you and your cousins on the mountain always had your “leaving fights” each time we visited. A family trait (regretfully) is that we have difficulty with goodbyes. Try to avoid that pattern, and do not pick a fight with the special people in your life. Cousins forgive. Friends sometimes do not. I can not wait to see you! I am past the “day” counting. Into the “hour” thing now.

  2. Extra Sweet Iced Tea! Mouth watering?

  3. Oh what I would give to have for Mrs. Sandra’s sweet tea and some fried squash and/or okra!!! (insert lip smack here)

    And don’t say goodbye…just see you later!!!

  4. My soul for some sweet ice tea! Really, love you people but the sweet ice tea is why I’m coming back ;).

    And sure, “see ya later” is much better and likely.

  5. So glad you’re coming home … can’t wait to see you again, Julia. You’re the only person in the world that helps me to be photogenic, and I need some new pictures of myself! 🙂 So get to NC and take some snaps with me …

    And what I wouldn’t give to be with you when Miss Sandra starts the tea and grub … umm, friend okra … let’s hope there are some beautiful, fresh-from-the-garden tomatoes for sandwiches …

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