The green lung—with corrections

I ate fruit salad, drank orange juice and water out of wine goblets while sitting on a park bench in my neighborhood this morning. The talk was about fiction, writing, film and lost love. This leafy space is referred to as the green lung of Santa Croce and I never knew it existed until today. Well, it seems there is always more to learn.

We know nothing. But, it is good to have a space to re-thread memories, make new ones, discuss the important things. A place to breathe, watch dogs pant in the heat and analyze pigeon logic. It’s not quite knowledge but it is akin to life and that is close.

I have recently learned of a loss. For me, it is a loss of a good writer, but for so many it is the loss of a friend, brother and partner. So Will, find your equivalent green space now.

Naturally, life is bipolar, so I also received an invitation to an upcoming wedding which I’ll happily attend. Irene and Steve, allow some green space where you can think before the fun plans of marriage escalate. And congrats on finding each other.

Sidenote on weekend: Attended a concert in Viareggio of (I think) Baustelle. Watched the fireworks of White Nights intermittently while driving through some random town (which turns out to be Livorno). Sat on a pier while friends swam below me and strange boys gathered by a bonfire — thumbnail moon and bright Venus carried on til grey pink dawn. And I am happy like I’ve not been in years.

9 responses to “The green lung—with corrections

  1. I am amazed by the interconnectedness of our lives and relationships.and how people can come and go, and I am reminded how someone can touch your heart and soul ever so briefly and it really mean something especially when they are gone. My heart is heavy…

    Sounds like a fabulous weekend…love and love!

  2. BGGU,

    You’re getting close. Somethimes you just hafta to go somewhere else, talk to new friends to find your perspective on life. Congrats on happy! Happy and sad – that’s where all good country songs begin and end.
    Btw, Braves have a new closer as of last night. Looked good! This could be come-back time.


  3. We need more on the weekend I think. Your telling it to me was quite special, and though my inclination is always to be selfish, I think you should share about the lost boys and the fingernail moon and the melacholy.

  4. Water in wine goblets, thumbnail moons, boys by campfire, and grey pink dawns.
    You are having way to much fun! The thumbnail moon will reoccur here in USA, I have nice wine coblets, but grey pink dawns are rare these days. Twice I have been up at that time, morning is breaking to orange and yellow. I am so glad you are happy, joy is a wonderful thing! Are you in love??????

  5. Ha ha. You think I’m that easy. Define love effectively and I’ll tell you if I’m in it. Oh, but if you mean with Italy, then yes, I am.

  6. Love is when you hold his hand and your hair stands on end after 40 years of marriage, a pimento cheese sandwich sitting by the pond with him is more fun than dinner at the finest restaurant with others, when he hugs you, it feels like the safest place on earth, his tears make you sadder than yours, you can not imagine life without him, you would rather have him as a partner (business, dancing, drinking, and playing cards) than anyone else in the world. He can make you laugh before he gets to the punch line, just with that twinkle in his eyes. You know he is the only man on earth that deserves to father your children. (if you choose to have them). There is more but it would take too much space. But the good thing is when you meet him you have no doubt ……It’s love!

  7. Sandra that makes me happy to my core!

  8. That has to be the sweetest thing that I have read in a long time! I am such a sap…you brought tears to my eyes Mrs. Sandra!!! I want that type of love in my life but until it finds me I’ll be content to hear about others. 🙂 Guess I’ll just keep traveling…it’s my true love for now! Going to Turks and Caicos Islands tomorrow (Wednesday) through Saturday…I’ll email you when I get back!

  9. Yes, the parental units are still in love — or maybe finally there. After 40 years, I guess you can come up with a definition. So I’ll say this, if I ever fall in love again, you will be one of the first 300 people I tell. 🙂
    But don’t hold your breath.

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