Things I’ll Miss #7

Morning: You stand at the bar to drink it when you are rushed. If time and money allow, you stroll to Il Cibreo, order, have a pastry, devour the International Herald Tribune and relish the addiction. Or maybe get your fix at Sant’ Ambrogio market under the guise of getting fruit. I think the morning is the best; it is acceptable and expected to have it with milk. Cappuccino — there is not enough time left here for me to get my fill.

Night: You pop into a bar and have a shot of it with a pack of sugar. Or you get it after dinner, appetite satisfied only when it arrives before the check. Maybe you need to finish a discussion about politics or philosophy, you go to someone’s house and have a glass — talking for hours — seeing the sunrise. Espresso — the life and death of energy.

I enjoy coffee in America (especially when Shelby makes me a cup). But here it is more of a love affair. The ritual is not a private one, it is a national one. Joking this morning about the Italians and their love of strikes, I asked why the coffee shop owners never went on strike. Eyebrows were raised. No, that couldn’t happen. A bloodbath would occur. I don’t doubt it. I’d join the angry mob for a good cup of cappuccino.

So when you see me in line at a coffee shop in the states with sulky glare and pouting lip — take pity on me. Feel the void of my lost love and the absence of my community. Better yet, join me in a revolution demanding stronger brew and smaller glasses. Or best of all, sit and have a chat to lessen my lament.

11 responses to “Things I’ll Miss #7

  1. What I would give for a real Italian expresso or cafe con latte! It is just not the same here. I’ll pout with you in line!!!

  2. As I sit enjoying mine own cup I appreciate the compliment Julia, thank you. But my coffee is a poor, poor substitute for the good stuff. There was truly nothing like it in this world. I will make you a lovely pot for your homecoming to ease your transition. Maybe now I can get you to finally give up the Chock Full o’ Nuts. Maybe now you will see the value of investment in a pound of freshly roasted beans.

  3. It was never chock full o’nuts. It was . . . (thinking) I think called eight o’clock coffee, especially the french roast.

  4. Once when I returned from Vienna, and you lived in E-3, (pre Massellton days); I scolded you for having Starbucks ($10.95 was on the bag) and you had no eggs in your refridgerator, no meat, one wilted lettuce and half-n-half. Obviously your priorities haven’t changed. Except now you are probably paying 1/2 the cost of that Starbucks (1994) bag for one cup of coffee. Good News! Hotel Defuniak, the wonderful 1920 building downtown has been bought by the couple who owned Busy Bee Cafe (the one that served the veggie burger that you loved). They opened a restuarant called Bogey’s. It is where the ice cream parlor was; and they turned the old restaurant (where you felt in a fish bowl because it opened to Baldwin Ave.) into a coffee shop. The menu says: “Java Menu”. Their Cafe Au Lait was wonderful, and a friend had the Cappuccino. Superb! she declared. They have frozen coffee drinks that you can customize with your choice of flavored syrups. For info: have a full time massage theropist and your dad had his first ever (that we know about) massage. He loved it and was very relaxed and might endulge in that luxury. He deserves it! Good Coffee waits you. I think I will splurge and have some Starbuck’s in your fridge when you come home. It must be $25 by now!! You deserve it!

  5. Wooops! I did not put a space between my Hotel Defuniak website and the next sentence: It is: In case you wanted to link to that site, it is now corrected.

  6. Sandra you will be happy to know you can get a bag of Starbuck for around $8. It’s well worth it to indulge so that you start your day off happy.

  7. Thanks Shelby, I can count on you for information and practicality, and I will definitely buy some Starbucks for Julia and myself, that is a good price. Hope you will be in Tally while I am there to make me a goooood cup of java! I’ll buy the bagels.

  8. I’ve promised Julia that I will make my sinful creme scones. Are there blueberries left? I just had a mini-seisure remembering the ones form last summer.

  9. those scones are to die for. I hope I get to see you Sandra!

  10. Yes my girls you will definitely see me. I am braver with my driving, and if I become wimp woman again, I will catch Amtrak! The quaint little town of Chipley, FL (20 miles S of farm) is short on shopping and restaurants, but it has a train station. I plan to see you all in Tally. The scones sound wonder. Blueberries were a failure this year. Too hot and the birds enjoyed the shriveled up berries on the bush. At least the birds are fat and happy.

  11. Jeff totally understands you, Julia. He dreams of Italian coffee. Similarly, I think fondly of high tea in London! Why is it that the sounds, smells and foods of a country stick with you even longer than the sites do?

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