No, not the movie — though I love it. Rather attending a concert held in Piazza de Signoria last night. In another move towards spontaneity, Luigi, Iris and I were going to go to see Sinead O’Conner at a midnight concert in, I believe, Arezzo. We decided this at about 10 p.m. and en route to the train station to catch a bus we heard the drumming. It turned out to be an African group dancing, drumming, singing us out of our mission. The backdrop was the Loggia dei Lanzi’s Rape of the Sabines and Perseus proudly holding the head of Medusa. David was looking on in blue and purple lights from the side. And beneath the fixed nature of stone and statue, a blur of limbs moving, sweating, keeping time and rhythm.

Yes, O’Conner once more will have to wait. The Florence free-concert series won last night’s attention.

Taking the road to Rome one last time tomorrow. And then, who knows? I’ll tell you when I do.

4 responses to “Impromptu

  1. I loves me some drumming!

  2. What a backdrop!!! All of that nudity, muscles, blue and purple lights, drums beating, live bodies moving, Florentine evening air, cobblestone under your feet, I probably would have had a coronary attack. It is a good thing you are enjoying this while you are young. This old lady would have swooned and been carried away on a gurney (or if lucky in the arms of a few handsome Italian men).

  3. Let’s all just acknowledge that the nudity she speaks of is in statue form, not the fleshy form.

  4. Actually I was thinking of the fleshy kind!

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