Happy, happy, happy. Joy, joy, joy

For those of you who haven’t heard, Italy won its first World Cup since 1982 last night. Peering over the shoulders of strangers waving flags, sounding air horns, lighting Roman candles and cheering — I was somehow able to see some of the game. There was a huge screen set up at the Rampe, which is below the Piazzale Michelangelo (there was a screen there too). I watched the game with an Italian, an Icelander, a Canadian, an English and a Welsh — a motley international crew. And a couple of thousand Italians. Italians in trees, Italians on garbage bins, Italians on cars, in oleander bushes — everywhere. Most of them with their own flags too. It was clearly a big deal.

And when we won, I was honestly relieved. It would have been depressing to see the energy, belief, and passion diminish. Instead it turned to complete and utter giddy-top-of-the-world joy. We reveled in it for a bit, then climbed up to the Piazzale Michelangelo looking down at the city celebrating. Red, white, green were everywhere. Car lights lined every street. The honking did not stop until 4 this morning. I suspect there will be a baby boom in about 9 months judging from the embracing, dancing, snogging frenzy that was going on (apologies — the English can corrupt a language). I really can’t explain it. (oh, there were more fireworks too!)

After dancing at Santo Spirito, soaked with sweat, I started my meander back loving everything about the night. A stranger shared a smile and floated the flag over my head. I held my fingers out to touch the moment — red, white, green. Must say, I was especially happy with my adopted home.

7 responses to “Happy, happy, happy. Joy, joy, joy

  1. Way cool! We were watching and just knew you were loving every minute of it. What a great memory for you to cherish.

  2. Yeah, Italy . . . sadly, your folks are no Cristiano Ronaldo, which is why I rooted so hard for his team . . . but yeah, Italy . . .

  3. Will–I hope you appreciated Luca Toni, at least a wee bit. Lovely man. I guess he has a few years on C.R. . .

    (and yeah! Julia–excellent time to be immersed. and what beautiful p.k.s. love you.)

  4. Joy! Joy! from the farm. We are so proud of Italy and glad you were there to experience it firsthand. The media whores of cable news have aired more minutes of the Frenchman doing the “head butt”, than the joyous fans celebrations. But yesterday they had a live scene from Rome that was grand! City lights from the Piazzale Michealangelo would be unbeatable, better than Rome.

  5. WAHOOOOOOOOO!!!! What a good game! I was on pins and needles the whole time because it looked like Italy’s gas had given out by halftime and they spent way too much time on their own end of the field! But what a way to have the World Cup end…Goodness!!! I almost drunk dialed you. I had a small window of sanity (plus you wouldn’t have been able to hear me…it was very loud) and realized that I would have spoken to your answering machine since you too would have been out celebrating. And Mrs. Sandra is right…if Zidane is really going to retire what a horrible way to be remembered…poor sport! I don’t care what Materazzi would have said to me you don’t head butt someone in the slightest chance that the whole world would see it…kick him in the shins (hard) maybe or trip him or pop his gym shorts. 😉 OH and if Fabio Cannavaro was just a little taller…what a cutie!. What a great game! What great looking men!!!!!

  6. They call Cannavaro the cane, because he bends but does not break. I love that.

  7. Now girls let’s not be considering the guys canes: they are cute, and energetic, and work well as a team, and laugh loudly, and let their smiles conquer their very handsome faces, and are probably smart, so these are important things to consider. But I suppose an unbreakable cane could be important.

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